Articles of Association



By realizing that the knowledge that is mastered by a nation reflects the intelligence of the nation, while mathematics besides being an independent science is also a major supporter of various other sciences, Indonesian mathematicians and educators, users and fans of mathematics are obliged to:

  1. fostering and developing mathematics
  2. fostering and developing mathematics education
  3. enhance the role of mathematics both directly and as a support of other sciences in order to participate in increasing human resources for the success of the nation and state development based on Pancasila and based on the 1945 Constitution.

In order to achieve the above objectives, we mathematicians, educators, users and fans of Indonesian mathematics gather in one place with the Statutes and by-laws as follows.


Article 1 Name/strong>

This set is a forum for mathematicians, educators, users, and mathematicians with the name MATHEMATICAL INDONESIA (INDONESIAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY), abbreviated IndoMS.

Article 2 Place of domicile

  • The Indonesian Mathematics Association is domiciled in the president’s place of residence, with its jurisdiction covering the territory of the Republic of Indonesia./li>
  • To expedite the running of the organization wheel in a Level I Region a Region can be formed and in a Level II Region a Branch can be formed.

Article 3 Time
The Indonesian Mathematical Association was founded on July 15, 1976 in Bandung, for an indefinite period of time.


Article 4 Principle and Basics

The Indonesian Mathematics Association is based on Pancasila, and is based on the 1945 Constitution.

Article 5

  • The Indonesian Mathematical Association is a mass, scientific, non-political and non-governmental organization and is not for profit.
  • The Indonesian Mathematics Association aims to foster and develop mathematics, foster and develop mathematics education, and enhance the role of mathematics in Indonesia.

Article 6 Business
To achieve the goals listed in Article 5, the Indonesian Mathematical Association undertakes the following activities:

  • Organize a meeting forum to examine, discuss, and solve mathematical problems faced by countries, communities, mathematicians, educators, users and mathematical enthusiasts.
  • Organizing the control of reading material, periodical media and other means of communication to distribute works and news in the field of mathematics as information and knowledge for members and the community at large.
  • Increase the ability of members through education and training, both at home and abroad.
  • Promoting mathematics in order to support Indonesia’s National Development
  • Establish cooperative relations in the field of mathematics with other similar organizations, both at home and abroad.
  • Seek non-binding contributions from various sources to assist the organization’s activities in the context of mathematical development.
  • Conduct other activities that do not conflict with the laws and regulations that apply to the interests of the organization.


Article 7 Membership/strong>

  • Membership of the Indonesian Mathematical Association consists of:
    1. Regular member
    2. Extraordinary members
    3. Honorary member
  • Membership as referred to in paragraph (1) above is stipulated in the Bylaws.

Article 8 Management

  • The Indonesian Mathematical Association consists of:
    1. Center Management
    2. Regional Administrators
    3. Branch Managers
  • The composition of the Central Board consists of:
    1. A president
    2. At least a vice president
    3. At least a secretary
    4. At least a treasurer
    5. Chair of the commission

The commissions referred to in paragraph (2) shall at least consist of:

  1. Organizational Commission
  2. Research and Development Commission
  3. Commission on Education and Training
  4. Commission for Publication, documentation and public relations
  • Regional Management Structure is adjusted to the Central Management Structure, taking into account local interests.
  • The composition of the Branch Management is adjusted to the Regional Management Structure, taking into account local interests.
  • The service period of the Indonesian Mathematics Association for each management period is 2
  • The authority and duties of the central, regional and branch management are regulated in the Bylaws.

Article 9 Organizational Power

  • Congress is the highest authority in the Indonesian Mathematics Association
  • Congress is held at least once in two years
  • Congress is open to all members
  • Congress establishes the general policy of the organization
  • Congress establishes or changes the Statutes and by-laws
  • Congress elects and ratifies the Central Board Organization
  • The procedures for organizing a congress are regulated in the Bylaws.

Article 10 Amendments to the Articles of Association / Bylaws

  • Proposed amendments to the Statutes / Bylaws formulated by the Organizational Commission based on the aspirations of members/li>
  • The central committee scheduled the proposal to the congress

Article 11 Central Management Meeting

  • Periodic meetings of the central board are held at least once a year
  • A work meeting between the central board and the Regional Chair shall be held at least once in the term of office of the administrator no later than 6 months before the congress
  • All resolutions of meetings are made to be determined based on deliberation to reach consensus, if no new agreement is reached by voting.
  • The rules regarding meeting decision making as referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) are regulated in the Bylaws.


Matters not yet included in this Articles of Association will be determined at the Congress of the Association.