IndoMS at a Glance


Based on the archives of the Report of the National Mathematics Conference I dated 12-15 July 1976 at ITB Bandung, chaired by Prof. Dr. M. Ansjar explained how the efforts and cooperation that had been built by around 152 Indonesian mathematicians from 25 institutions to establish an organization called the Indonesian Mathematical Association.

This association of mathematicians can hold the first National Mathematics Conference at ITB Bandung with strong encouragement from Prof. Dr. Lee Peng Ye (NUS, Singapore). The purpose of the establishment of the Indonesian Mathematical Society (the Indonesian Mathematical Society, IndoMS) is to foster and develop mathematics and mathematics education, and enhance the role of mathematics and mathematics education in Indonesia.

In achieving the IndoMS 2020 vision

Making IndoMS an institution known at the international level for the contribution of its members in the development of mathematics and mathematics education in 2020.

efforts have been made to improve the quality of the Journal of Indonesian Math Society (JIMS), Journal of Mathematics Education (JME), Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (JIAM), Journal of Statistics (JStat), support to scientific groups such as Mathematics Education, Algebra, Analysis and Geometry, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Graphic and Combinatorics, Financial Mathematics, Biomatematics, Ethnomatematics. In addition INDOMS also provides support to mathematical activities in the regions, increasing linkages with various parties from within and outside the country (SEAMS, CIMPA and IMU). IndoMS has also sought the role of developing national policies related to mathematics and mathematics education, supporting the holding of various scientific forums such as joint conferences, seminars and workshops, and an active role in the Accreditation Institute for Independent Science and Formal Science (LAMSAMA).

Hopefully IndoMS will be more advanced and successful as a respected Mathematics institution that unites Indonesian mathematicians.