Guest Lecturer

From Signals to Systems and Back
Prof Dr Ir Fons J Verbeek
Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

In this seminar we will introduce the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science; in particular we will present some of the research in imaging, image analysis and data analysis. Image analysis starts with obtaining images. This is an important step as the quality of the images dictates the image processing that is possible. Moreover, the quality of the data analysis depends on the quantity of the images. From examples in bio-imaging, the importance of high-throughput systems will be elucidated and extrapolated to the construction of classifiers. As everything in “real life” is three-dimensional, specific attention will be given to 3D image analysis with a focus on the zebrafish model system. Findings from machine learning of these types of data can be used in other types of pattern recognition problems. Links from data science to fundamental computer science will also addressed.